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Since the Muir Trail Ranch is located at the halfway mark along the John Muir Trail, it’s the ideal place for resupplying during your hike. Since the early 1950s, we have been providing the same reliable service to backpackers: Send your resupply cache and we’ll guard it with our lives (well, almost). We know how important it is to have a reliable cache service, so we take extra care.River flows through narrow gorge.

Also, if you forget to pack some essentials like matches, batteries or the like, we have a small store where you can buy necessities. You can also buy postcards of the area, or maybe even a souvenir T-shirt or cap.

If you’re coming in to pick up a food cache, we can pick up letters sent to you in care of the ranch so your friends can keep in touch with you during your hike. If you have mail to send out, we can do it for you.

For the latest weather, here’s a link to recent satellite images of the area. We are located in the middle of the state, about one-quarter from the right side. Eight hours of weather is shown, so check it out during daylight hours, Pacific time or it will just be black as night.

For a local forecast we use the NOAA site, which has a clickable map you can Thunderhead in Paiute Canyonuse to check weather at various elevations of your entire trip.

 As usual, mail your food caches early and be assured they’ll be waiting for you when you arrive. You might want to use the tracking service offered by the Post Office. It’s inexpensive, and you can check on the delivery status of your package via the Internet or from any phone using a toll-free 800 number.

Many of you enjoyed the service that we inaugurated in early September of ’98 – the Short Stay. We offer a night’s stay in a tent or two nights minimum in a cabin, use of the magnificent enclosed hot spring baths, a dinner made of REAL FOOD cooked by someone other than yourself, a hearty breakfast and a sack lunch for the trail. One hiker wrote to us after completing his JMT hike, saying that “the last seven days were the BEST” after having recharged at the ranch. We offer Short Stays at various times of the season. Contact us to see what dates are available, since they change as the season progresses.

Pack service for Resupply Customers

After topping off with a resupply at Muir Trail Ranch, your pack just got up to 25 pounds heavier, and for the next seven to nine miles, there will be a whole lot of steep trail. To ease the pain, we offer to haul your pack for you to either Heart Lake near Selden Pass going north, a gain of 2,800 feet, or Evolution Creek at Evolution Meadow going south, a gain of 1,500 feet.

We can haul up to three packs on a single pack horse, totaling 150 pounds, and a packer can lead as many as five pack horses. You can get together with other hikers to split the cost, too.

This service is limited to backpacks only, no riders, and is only offered when we have a packer available and U.S. Government-allocated permission to be on the trail with pack stock.

The fees: Packer and one pack horse $375. Each additional pack animal $125.

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