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Fishing from a rock

“Is the fishing any good?”

The answer is yes. In fact, we have had people who fish for a living – those who write for outdoor sports magazines or are professional fishing guides – tell us that we are in the midst of some of the best fishing they’ve ever experienced. Whether you want to fish in remote wilderness lakes, slowly meandering or raging streams, or the river that flows through the ranch itself, we have what you want. You can catch fish right from your cabin! (From a tent cabin, you’ll have to either walk 100 feet to the river or cast a record-breaking distance.)River near ranch

There’s one little catch though (no pun intended). The fish up here are wild and they don’t intend to spend their last moments at the end of a line.

You’ll have to work for them, but if you’re willing (and good at it), your reward will be very satisfying.

What kinds of fish are you likely to see here? Golden trout are the favorites, and can be found in the upper streams and lakes. In the river and Blayney Meadow you’ll find German browns.Heather Lake Head up the river towards Paiute Creek for rainbows and Golden/rainbow crosses.

We encourage catch and release, and on the ranch we only allow flyfishing. This keeps the nearby fish population from being too heavily impacted. If you want to use lures or bait, you may fish anywhere off the ranch property.

Also, keep only the fish you or your family want to eat. Please don’t catch a creel-full expecting to feed all the other ranch guests.

Even though you can fish on our private property, you’ll still need a California Fishing License. We don’t have them for sale here, so pick one up before you get up to the mountains. (Kids 16 and younger don’t need a license, so teach them real quick!)